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What's In The Newsletter? is a free newsletter providing busy preppers with the articles, deals, discounts and promotions they need to become fully prepared for a man-made or natural disaster.

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    • Curated, recent and high quality articles written by real preppers, teaching you how to fully prepare.
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    • Exclusive Deals, Discounts, Coupons and Promotions for all the things a prepper would need.

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Testimonials From Readers

"The newsletter has helped me manage the resources I have better including how to avoid costly mistakes when preppering. I found really good deals on prepping supplies and equipment. I feel more prepared for any unexpected event that may come my way. I highly recommend this newsletter to anyone who wants to be more prepared for emergencies."

James Brown - Chicago, Illinois

"Since being a reader I have gained confidence and peace of mind. The practical tips and advice have helped me create a real plan for my family. All the advice is realistic. If you are looking for a reliable prepping newsletter I really can recommend"

Michael Martinez - Deming, New Mexico

"I live in Los Angeles so I'm really worried about the earthquakes and the drought. I was able to get a backup power and water system for more than fifty percent less than what I was quoted by my local guy. The newsletter is really good for reminding me to slowly build my stockpile of food as well."

William Baker - Los Angeles, California

"This is my favorite prepping site. Alot of the websites on the internet have too many ads or write articles just so they can sell me something. I love the community because people actually talk about what is important and don't argue over little things."

Emma Thompson - Ketchum, Idaho